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April 28, 2018

1) People

A Simple, Surprising Way for Leaders to Increase Employee Engagement

Want to bump up engagement, build community, and foster trust among your employees? Stop relying on town hall meetings and mass emails when delivering leader messages. While these methods are efficient, they lack the personal connection employees need to fully support a leader’s vision. Instead, try connecting casually by walking around, having 10-minute chats, or grabbing a coffee with different team members. By reaching out informally, you’ll gain direct access to all levels of employees and reap the benefits of their candor.
by Alison Davis on Inc.

2) Strategy

The Curiosity Machine

Ask any business expert for their secret to a running a successful company and the answer you’re likely to hear is “data.” But data alone can’t take a business where it wants to go. At the very least, a business needs people to make sense of all those numbers. And we’re not talking regular, boring, run-of-the-mill people. To stay innovative, companies need folks who are curious, who will use those numbers as a springboard for asking questions, and who can turn the answers upside down to formulate fresh ideas.
by Shane Atchinson on CEO

3) Execution

Small Business Guide to Investing in Technology

Ever wish you could turn to an easy-to-read online tech guide whenever you’ve got questions about the latest business technology, are wondering whether to invest in a new app, or want to know what tools you should be using for your small business? Fortunately, online financial technology company Kabbage, Inc., has created a handy, in-depth guide just like that—filled with everything you need to know about using technology to launch and sustain a small business.
by the Content Team at Kabbage.com

4) Cash

Could a Nontraditional IPO Be Right for Your Company?

While the market pauses to see how Spotify’s recent launch of a nontraditional or “direct list” IPO plays out, small business owners are weighing the pros and cons of following that trend. On the plus side: 1) There’s no financial middleman so the costs of going public are reduced and 2) there’s no holding period after the launch so stockholders can liquidate immediately. Possible cons? These types of IPOs are highly volatile due to their lack of underwriting and, without the usual launch hype, early stock performance could be lackluster.
by Julie Bawden Davis on American Express

Leadership Insights

PulteGroup CEO Ryan Marshall Talks Leadership, Employee Engagement

Ryan Marshall, CEO of homebuilding company PulteGroup, spent more than 15 years building his career in all aspects of the business before being named its leader. He says he considers leadership to be one part coaching, one part navigating, and one part “demolition expert.” When people express surprise, Marshall explains, “Because I grew up inside of the business and industry, I’m pretty good at sniffing out obstacles, tearing them down, and getting them out of the way so our teams can be successful.”
by Patrick Gorman on Chief Executive